We are currently looking for a physician to join our Justik team. 

Are you looking for a clinic that will accommodate flexible hours? Are you just returning to practice after starting your family? Talk to us. We may be able to help.

Justik Medical Clinic takes pride in accommodating flexible, diverse practices. Physicians are able to set their hours and participate in various areas of interest. Evening hours can be accommodated and several of our physicians are already taking advantage of this flexibility.

Our clinic has many benefits for physicians, whether a fulltime practice or a more condensed practice. A collegial, learning environment is maintained through hallway consultation and formal meetings. Our clinic provides a high staff-to-physician ratio with a full billing/referral service. The EMR is a clinic cornerstone and the network is supported by a local IT firm. Remote log-in permits access from the comforts of home. The clinic is physician managed, thereby allowing physicians to build a clinic which reflects their practice demands. Monthly Associate meetings are held to address any clinic concerns and set clinic policies.

For further information please email us.