We are currently looking for a physician to join our Justik team! 

The physicians of the Justik Medical Clinic work together in a collegial atmosphere to provide comprehensive care to our patients. The clinic is run by physicians, for
physicians. We strive to provide a cost effective platform that allows each of our doctors the freedom to practice in a way that suits their needs…because a happy doctor is a good doctor!

The doctors at JMC strive to provide full scope family medical care for our patients. We want to be at the cutting edge of top quality primary care and our physicians are connected to the College quality improvement initiatives, teach medical students and residents, are medical directors in long term care facilities, and work in acute care. Our connection to the Southside PCN completes our wrap around patient care medical home model.

The clinic is a group of physicians who work together to share expenses. The clinic platform and cost sharing agreement is designed to allow doctors to decide for
themselves their schedule and work rate. At JMC you are your own boss while having the advantage of working in a group. All collective decisions are consensus based. Being in a big group allows for easy coverage when you want to take a break. You can book a locum for holiday coverage if you like but this is not necessary. We have physicians that have been with the clinic for many decades because it is a place that allows for different practice styles and allows for a sustainable work life balance.

The business of operating a community family practice is challenging. The clinic is striving to provide the optimal mix of supports so our physicians can focus on what we do best, caring for patients, while keeping costs at a reasonable level. The JMC offers a fixed overhead rate of 25% of in clinic billings while new colleagues establish their practice. Our 2023 overhead target for our established associates is 30% and, as billing rates recover to pre-pandemic levels, we expect to achieve achieve overhead targets in the 27-29% range.

In addition to long serving doctors, we have staff that have been with us for decades. The associates at JMC want our clinic to be a place where our fellow team
members are respected and treated well. We pay competitive wages, provide benefits, and generous vacation time. We encourage our staff to broaden their skills to keep challenged and engaged. When good people stick around our jobs are so much easier.

The Justik Team includes

• Family physicians
• Specialists
• IUD Clinic
• PCN Nurses, Behavioural Health Coordinator, Dietician, Exercise Specialist, Panel Management Experts
• Dedicated Referral specialists
• Experienced Billing staff
• Fantastic Medical Office Assistants
• Full time Clinic Manager
• Teaching practices
• and IT specialists to maintain our Healthquest EMR

For further information please email us!