Are new patients being accepted?
We are sorry that we cannot accommodate new patients at this time.

Do I have to book an appointment to be seen?
Your doctor might be able to see if you arrive without an appointment. However, it is advised that you call to book an appointment.

Services such as forms, 3 rd party medicals may be billable. When booking your appointment, please
check if there is a fee. Payment will be collected prior to your appointment. We accept Visa, Mastercard
and debit, as well as cash and cheques.

If you are dropping off a form, please check that your information has been completed and you have
signed the authorization for release of information. Once the form is completed, you will be called for
pick up and payment of the fee, if applicable. In some cases, your doctor may need to see you to update
information and/or perform an examination.

Missed appointments or short cancellation
You may be charged a fee if you miss your appointment, or if you cancel your appointment without 24
hours’ notice.

In-person Medical Appointments
Not all medical concerns can be handled by a phone consult. If you have a new medical condition or a
worsening condition, you will be expected to be seen in-clinic. If you require a prescription renewal, it is
standard medical practice to monitor you while on your medication, and you will be required to be seen
by your doctor.

Our referral office will contact you once the date and time of your appointment is known. Please make
sure your address and/or telephone numbers on your chart is current. If you have not been contacted
within 4 weeks, call 780-432-0211, ex #7. Please note that some specialist offices have long wait

Prescription Refill

We Do not accept prescription refills over the phone or through fax.  Please keep track of your prescriptions and book an appointment with your physician for refills.