The Justik Medical Clinic was established in 1954 by Dr. Joseph Justik, and has been an integral part of Old Strathcona ever since. 

Our healthcare team includes a dedicated group of family physicians, working with a skilled group of registered nurses, nursing assistants, and reception staff. There is a number of office staff behind the scenes ensuring efficient operation of the clinic.

Our number one priority remains quality patient care. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Physician Directory:

Dr. N. Alsaigh                  General Practice

Dr. M. F. Andruchow        General Practice

Dr. Adam Burgess            General Practice/Transgender                                              Care/HIV Prep Care            

Dr. Z. P. Chrzanowski       General Practice

Dr. J. Fletcher                   General Practice

Dr. Benjamin Greidanus  General Practice/Sports Medicine

Dr. J. Gusdal                     General Practice

Dr. L. N. Gushaty             General Practice

Dr. B. Hanna                    General Practice

Dr. B. Hasan                     General Practice

Dr. S. Manchikanti           General Practice

Dr. M. Maneshgar           General Practice

Dr. R. T. Peters                 General Practice

Dr. S. Smith                      General Practice

Dr. B. Turner                     General Practice

Dr. P. Verones                  General Practice