From Dr. Patricia Verones – August 18, 2022

Dear Patients,

It has been my privilege to have been a partner in your medical care as your primary care physician for so many years! It is with regret that I am informing you that after 23 years at the Justik Medical Clinic, I will be retiring from this practice as of November 30, 2022. I have no plans at this time to practice anywhere else in Alberta (as some of you have enquired).

My clinic colleagues are unable to accommodate any more patients, and ongoing physician recruitment efforts to find a physician to take over my patients have not been successful.

Here are some resources for you to find a new physician:

  1. The Southside Primary Care Network website does maintain a list of physicians taking new patients. Alternatively, you can search websites of other Primary Care Networks in Edmonton and surrounding areas.
  2. The College of Physicians and Surgeons has a list of physicians taking new patients. You can do a search on their website, or call 1-800-561-3899.
  3. You may contact clinics close to your home directly and enquire if they are accommodating any patients whose long-term physician has retired.
  4. An option for seniors would be a referral through the Good Samaritan Clinic.
  5. Some Medicenter clinics now accept appointment bookings and might provide ongoing care.

Your provincial record (NetCare) containing your lab results, imaging reports, medications, hospital reports, some consultant reports, procedure reports, etc. can be accessed by any physician you see with your permission. As for your records at Justik clinic, they will remain here. Once you have established a new physician, you need only sign a Release of Information request form at your new physician’s office (as required by the CPSA) and they will fax the request to the clinic for release.

Should you require any further care from now until November 30, or require assistance with transition to a new physician during this time period, please book an appointment with me to discuss.

Thank you again for entrusting the care of yourself and your family to me for so many years. I wish you all the very best moving forward!

Dr. Patricia Verones